V&A DesignLab Nation x Ceramics Residency Portfolio

I have created this temporary page on my website to bring together the most relevant projects and images for ease of viewing. Along with images of recent work I have also included some work-in-progress shots and timelapses at the end. All images and content belong to Kate Ive, unless otherwise stated.


Ocean Data Lachrymatories, blue series, 2022
Together 1450 x 650mm, Rose Engine (RE) turned data embedded slipcast underglazed porcelain
Hand-turned and handmade, each piece is embedded with horizontal geometric bands containing individual ocean datasets
Made at the European Ceramics Work Centre (EKWC)

ceramics ceramic art sculpture lachrymatory porcelain krill ocean data

Lachrymatory 1 Antarctic Krill2022
Individually 60 x 25mm, RE-turned data embedded slipcast glazed porcelain
The same length as krill, each hand-turned piece contains 16 unique geometric sequences of data exploring the decline of antarctic krill
Made at EKWC

Core Samples2022
L2R 550 x 230mm, 650 x 200mm, 530 x 200mm, RE data embedded glazed & unglazed porcelain slabs
Handbuilt porcelain slabs with embedded layered ‘data roller’ patterns relating to the lachrymatories
Made at EKWC

Kate Ive artist sculpture ocean data lachrymatory porcelain ceramics handmade

Lachrymatory 2  Phytoplankton, 2022
110 x 65 x 65mm, RE-turned data embedded slipcast glazed reduction fired porcelain
Each hand-turned horizontal band explores data showing the role of Phytoplankton in carbon storage
Made at EKWC

Lachrymatory 4 Ocean Acidification2022
380 x 280mm, hand RE-turned data drawing screenprinted on paper
Annotations decipher the guilloché encoded data relating to Lachrymatory 4 (below)

Lachrymatory 4 Ocean Acidification2022
420 x 100 x 100mm, RE-turned data embedded slipcast porcelain with glaze
Handmade lachrymatory with CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) glaze, the same compound found in shells dissolved by ocean acidification
Made at EKWC

Kate Ive sculpture artist porcelain ocean data chemical pollution lachrymatory

Lachrymatory 3 Chemical Pollution2022
490 x 80 x 80mm, RE-turned data embedded slipcast porcelain with reduction fired glaze
Two fluid running glazes flow over the lachrymatory to represent chemicals leaching into the ocean
Made at EKWC

Glitch Test 12022
250mm diameter x 230mm approx, pigmented porcelain directly hand-turned on RE-lathe
Made at EKWC

Glitch Test 22022
250mm diameter x 230mm, porcelain directly turned on RE-lathe
Explores patterning with sin-24 rosette phasing and glitching
Made at EKWC

Glitch Test 32022
200mm diameter x 200mm, coloured porcelain directly turned on RE-lathe
Layered and hand-turned colour experimentation
Made at EKWC

300mm diameter, hand-turned RE-lathe drawing, pen on heavyweight paper

Deform, 2020
200 x 180x 120mm, RE-lathe pattern test cast in Jesmonite

John & Joséphine’s Timepieces, 2019
L160 x 115 x 115mm, R200 x 190 x 190mm, copper electroform and blue wax, hand-turned on my Rose Engine Lathe
The Bowes Museum commission/residency exhibited at #Untitled10 2019. Each horizontal geometric band encodes the times of stopped clocks within the museum


Rose Engine Lathe
My self-built desktop Rose Engine lathe. It is hand-cranked and hand-operated, doesn’t require any electricity to run and is portable. I took it with me to the Netherlands for my EKWC residency

WIP for Lachrymatory 2, 2022
110 x 65 x 65mm, image of my hand-turning Lachrymatory 2 Phytoplankton mounted on my RE-lathe

WIP for Lachrymatory 3 Chemical Pollution, 2022
490 x 80 x 80mm, slip-cast in RE porcelain surrounded by plaster moulds at EKWC

WIP Porcelain Data Slab (Core Sample), 2022
530 x 200mm, RE-turned ‘data roller’ used to embed data related to Lachrymatory 1 Antarctic Krill in handbuilt porcelain slab at EKWC

Close up of mould for Lachrymatory 6, 2022
Detail of plaster mould for slip-casting the top section of Lachrymatory 6 Coral Bleaching, showing all the intricate handmade RE detail

WIP Porcelain Cast for Lachrymatory 6, 2022
Close up of RE porcelain slip-cast straight from the plaster mould. Composite piece, ready for tidying up and joining to Lachrymatory 6 Coral Bleaching

Fired Test Piece, 2022
Fired RE porcelain test for Lachrymatory 6 Coral Bleaching at EKWC

WIP Lachrymatory 6 Coral Bleaching, 2022
370 x 180 x180mm, fresh slip-cast of Lachrymatory 6, made from component parts in RE porcelain. Ready for cleaning up/drying/firing at EKWC

Timelapse for Lachrymatory 6, 2022
This timelapse shows my turning the above piece on my RE-lathe by hand for the top of Lachrymatory 6 Coral Bleaching

Direct Turning Porcelain Test, 2022
A short timelapse showing one of my first tests direct turning black and white porcelain by hand on my RE-lathe at EKWC

Fired Direct Turn Test, 2022
The RE-turned porcelain test piece from the above timelapse after firing

Workshop Image, 2019
Example of a workshop I devised and ran for the British Art Medal Society, creating medals with professional artists at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop


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