Amethyst Cluster

Handmade bronze artwork

This piece is part of a recent series of artworks that address the key themes of our impact on the world (see ‘Modern Pearl’) and how nature adapts and transforms the detritus left behind (‘Gardens of Ninfa’). These artworks seek to turn waste and litter like disposable coffee cup and plastic bottle lids into something precious and worth treasuring, similar to how an oyster transforms an irritating piece of grit into a beautiful pearl.

The obverse of ‘Amethyst Cluster’ looks, at first sight, like a beautiful cluster of Purple Barnacles growing almost as a bouquet. On closer inspection, and when viewing the reverse, it becomes apparent that the Purple Barnacles have taken over this large 30 litre industrial plastic water bottle lid. They transform this otherwise ugly waste into something beautiful, natural and intentional. This piece reconfirms the resilience and indomitability of nature, showing that it can and will reclaim anything and make even the most uninhabitable and non-biodegradable waste into a living platform. This hybrid pairing is likely to be the new landscape of the future.

This is an edition of 6 and is currently available for purchase.