Ocean Data Lachrymatory

Made at the European Ceramic Work Centre, The Netherlands

Kate made this Ocean Data Lachrymatory 6 on coral bleaching while on artist residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the Netherlands. Kate researched datasets relating to the health of the ocean. She was inspired by Edison’s early sound recordings. Kate translated specific ocean datasets into geometrically patterned sequences on her hand-operated lathe. She slipcast this sculpture series in porcelain using a complex process of specialist hand-turning and mould-making.

This particular Ocean Data Lachrymatory 6 is embedded with data relating to coral bleaching. The neon-esque colours are matched to the colours that corals glow or fluoresce when sea temperatures rise. Corals fluoresce these bright colours as they try to protect themselves from climate change, acting a bit like sunblock. If the sea temperatures remain above normal the corals begin to bleach turning a skeletal white. Occasionally corals can recover, though most frequently coral bleaching is fatal and results in the coral dying.

Supported by a Sundaymorning@EKWC grant, the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and Making Waves Ceramics Trust.