Lachrymatory 1 – Antarctic Krill

Glazed porcelain
Made at the European Ceramic Work Centre, The Netherlands

Lachrymatory 1 – Antarctic Krill was handmade by artist Kate Ive while on residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the Netherlands. It is part of Kate’s Ocean Data Lachrymatory series. She researched datasets relating to the health of the ocean and was inspired by Edison’s early sound recordings. Kate translated specific ocean datasets into geometrically patterned sequences on her hand-operated lathe. She slipcast this sculpture series in porcelain using a complex process of specialist hand-turning and mould-making to create sculptural recordings.

These pieces are embedded with geometric patterns generated from ocean data that explores the projected decline of Antarctic Krill. Each horizontal band carved into the surface of the porcelain contains unique information and data. The same physical length as Krill, Lachrymatory 1 – Antarctic Krill has been finished in a matching Krill coloured glaze.

Supported by a Sundaymorning@EKWC grant, the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and Making Waves Ceramics Trust.