Know By Heart

Handmade Artwork in Bronze

This handmade heart in bronze was made during a residency in Slovakia in 2015.

The cast bronze heart sculpture was inspired by the Etruscan liver divination tool called the ‘Liver of Piacenza’. It also draws inspiration from phrenological heads and drawings. The anatomical human heart is divided into ‘chambers’, each inscribed with a personal and intimate attribute. For example, ‘Intuition’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Self’ can be found sculpted into the bronze. The style of writing is inspired by phrenological heads.

The unusual 3D forms inside the heart are inspired by the shapes found on the ‘Liver of Piacenza’. This artwork is intended to bring hope as a talisman and tool to connect to something more powerful than ourselves.

This handmade heart in bronze is currently available for sale. Please get in touch to enquire.