John & Joséphine’s Timepieces

Handmade Commission for #Untitled10 2019 at The Bowes Museum

Commissioned for exhibition at The Bowes Museum, these intricately handmade sculptures, created by artist Kate Ive, are inspired by two delicately engraved pocket watches. They hang side-by-side in the Bowes Museum, belonging to its founders John & Joséphine Bowes. Kate researched ‘time’ within the museum and how historic objects maintain their relevance in an ever-changing world.

These two experimental pieces that stand together, translate the pocket watch dials and the museum’s stopped clocks into hand cut geometric patterns. As a result these handmade geometric carved patterns are embedded into the surface of the work. Therefore they capture the time’s within the museum.

Kate cross-purposes techniques old and new, showing these artworks at different stages of production. As such these two pieces are displayed as carved wax and copper-formed sculptures ready for plating in 24k gold.

‘John & Joséphine’s Timepieces’ uniquely reanimate and record time within the museum; breathing new life into its watches and stopped clocks.