Gardens of Ninfa

Pencil on paper

This tonal handmade drawing is inspired by the Gardens of Ninfa, Italy.

Kate created this drawing as part of the first step in creating a new sculpture on the same theme. This drawing maps out the form of the sculpture.

As part of a series of artwork, titled ‘Zero Waste’, this drawing shows the strength and resilience of nature. Sabre-tooth Moss grows over and reclaims a discarded plastic coffee cup lid. It can be seen covering the surface of the lid. Similar to the way plants have reclaimed the medieval town of Ninfa in Italy. It was abandoned by residents due to disease hundreds of years ago. The once bustling town of Ninfa has been taken over by nature. Plants have grown over the buildings, reimagining the purpose and future for the abandoned architecture.

The accompanying sculpture to this handmade drawing, ‘Gardens of Ninfa’, can be found under the ‘Sculptures’ tab.

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