Handmade bronze shell sculpture

A unique handmade bronze shell sculpture by artist Kate Ive. It was first sculpted in clay and then lost wax cast in bronze by the artist. Kate has paid particular attention to the fine surfaces hand engraving details that represent the beauty and resilience of nature.

The sculpture is inspired by the Nautilus shell. It is concerned with our destruction of the oceans through overfishing and our impact on marine life. This bronze Nautilus shell is engraved in a scrimshaw style. On the outside of the shell the fishing ships can be seen trawling the seas. Nautilus shells are taken from the sea for their beauty and used as ornaments. Therefore on the inside of the shell (where the Nautilus would live) there is an engraving/cave painting of the Nautilus dreaming it is finding revenge by sinking a fishing ship. This bronze sculpture is designed to be held and is incredibly tactile. The surfaces have a light blue/green patina that echoes the marine theme.

This artwork is currently for sale as an edition of 3, please get in touch through the contact page for sale enquiries.