The Jaguar

Bronze medal & plaster model

This bronze art medal, The Jaguar, was hand carved by artist Kate Ive.

The Jaguar, was inspired by Ted Hughes’ poem by the same name. The medal shows the eye of the Jaguar on the obverse. Reflected in her eye you can see the trees and plants of the Amazonian Rainforest. There are four dark shadows that fall across her eye, symbolising cage bars. Is she free or captive?

On the reverse, the jaguar can be seen prowling behind bars. As in Hughes’ poem, it is unclear which space is contained by the bars. Who is in the cage? Perhaps we are looking in on the jaguar, caged and contained. Equally, the jaguar could be seeing into our cage. Hughes reminds the reader that the jaguar is always wild and her spirit cannot be contained. The shadows from the cage bars are in front of the jaguar coming out of the art medal towards us. This suggests that the jaguar is free and we are caged.

This bronze art medal, The Jaguar, is an edition of 25. Please get in touch to enquire about sales.