X marks the spot, cast bronze medal with patina

This small handmade art medal bronze cast was created by artist and medal maker Kate Ive.

Kate was selected as the British Art Medal Society’s ‘New Medallist’. The award is run by BAMS in collaboration with the British Museum, V&A, Royal Mint and National Academy of Art Sofia, Bulgaria. Kate spent 1 month at the National Academy in Bulgaria, where she created this art medal.

This medal was inspired by Kate’s degree show research on warfare and mouse holing. Kate hand carved 4 bomb forms on the obverse. Together they create an ‘X’, which marks the spot and creates a target. On the reverse Kate created a crater form, made from spiralling toy soldiers’ plastic gun in a mandala form. The medal was first created in plaster and then cast in bronze and patinated.

This handmade bronze medal is an edition of 25 and currently available. Please get in touch to enquire.