Aqua Geode

Pencil on paper

This handmade tonal drawing, Aqua Geode, was made by artist Kate Ive in her Edinburgh studio.

It is inspired by the strength and beauty of nature to recover and reclaim the landscape. This drawing shows the first stage of the sculpture process. After completion of this drawing, it was then transformed into a sculpture.

Kate has created this delicate tonal drawing exploring how nature claims and re-purposes our detritus and waste rubbish. As such, nature finds innovative ways to hide our traces and impact. In this drawing, barnacles can be seen growing over a discarded plastic lid. They cover the inside of the lid and appear like shining geode crystals. They hybridise our plastic waste creating new landscapes for the future.

The bronze sculpture created from this handmade tonal drawing, Aqua Geode, can be found under the ‘Sculpture’ tab.

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