Guilloché Drawing

Pencil on paper

This unique handmade geometric drawing on paper was created by Kate in her Edinburgh studio.

This guilloché drawing, made by hand, is created through a fine networks of interwoven lines. Kate is currently developing a new series of these drawings which she carefully hand-turns. Each one is completely unique with focus placed on the position of the lines. Kate is able to make these drawings in both colour and black/white. As these drawings are made by hand, they are created slowly with great attention to detail. As such, this ensures each intricate line is carefully and precisely positioned in relation to its neighbouring geometric lines. These drawings show the almost infinite possible combination of pattens.

This handmade geometric drawing on paper shows the first step in the creation of Kate’s complex 3D hand-turned pieces. She ‘extrudes’ these drawings into 3D sculptures.

Please get in touch if you would like to commission a handmade drawing.